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5 Tips For Making Your Beauty Workwear More Festive

Last week we dispensed some advice for dressing your salon in the Christmas spirit. But now it’s your turn – beauty therapist uniforms are begging for some North Pole magic! We can hit a line between fun and a bracingly good fashion sense; there are a couple of clothing choices that’ll make you a joy to be around in the festive run-up.

Leave that well-worn Christmas jumper at home, because La Beeby has some ideas for kitting out your salon tunic, beauty therapist trousers or anything else you love to wear…

1. Special pin badges

A few images encode the Christmas ‘feel’ without even trying. Holly, reindeer and (of course) Santa himself can give your beauty tunics a kick in the right seasonal direction. Pin badges are a subtle addition to the material. Clip a pair of mistletoe images on either side of your neckline or shoulder cuts. Snowmen will stand out against red top wear, whilst a mini Christmas tree is appropriately vivid on a white tunic.

2. A makeshift festive belt

Jumpsuits are fond of an imitative belt line, adding variety to the plain texture above and below it. Give this a distinctive Noel theme by buying a buckle belt from a Mrs Clause costume, either via a fancy dress shop or a third-party reseller like eBay. Then tie it around your waist – voila, an instant beauty uniform transformation! The same can be achieved with a line of tinsel, as long as you don’t wrap it around dark clothing that’ll show any stray strands.

3. A brilliant pair of elf shoes

Again, these are super easy to find in online stores. Elf-like booties and shoes will set you back £15, at most, if you want to go for a traditionally cartoonish design. More refined Christmas tastes may prefer a sparkling pair of red heels, with which you can trot from chair to reception desk knowing that all eyes are on you. Even flat shoes can be modified, such as sticking a pom-pom on the top surface for a snowball.

4. Seasonal jewellery

There’s a whole lot of quality, luxury spa tunics to explore for your beauty brand. The lion’s share of them are a canvas for any necklaces and long earrings that you’ll wear. La Beeby stock bright, impactful colour schemes, so there isn’t too much to distract from your jewellery. For Christmas, we’re thinking of a snowflake pendant hanging on your chest, and silver reindeer earrings dangling from a chain.

5. Adorable Christmas hats

It doesn’t seem like the racing days of December unless we break out the festive hats at some point! Give you or your workforce a bunch of comfy headpieces to wear. There’s the classic Santa hat, of course, but also the antler headband or a red bow atop beauty therapists with big hair extensions. It always pays to spend a bit more on high-grade hats; the cheap sort will look and feel shoddy, which your business doesn’t deserve.

We don’t have many sleeps left until the 25th, so make the most of kooky, beautiful Christmas uniforms whilst you can. Remember to shop at Le Beeby for all the essential parts of your wardrobe, including beauty dress, trousers and shoes.

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