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5 Ways To Showcase Your Beauty Brand

Few big names in the beauty business get there by accident. The more you earn, the less cagey you’ll be about where to spend those marketing resources. This is true of salon and spa-based brands as well as mobile practitioners; when we have momentum, we can’t afford to take our foot off the pedal, even when we think we’ve hit our peak.

La Beeby can’t give you a single, catch-all answer to brand showcasing. But we can divvy it up into five main points, spreading aside any confusion as to what you might do. Here they are, in order of top-to-bottom importance:

A fantastic website

There are no excuses for a non-digital business identity. People will head to the internet as their primary means of finding you; poor web design or a non-existent online presence is going to turn them off. With the right keywords peppered through your site (‘best hair salon in Leeds’, for example), you’ll attract those who really need your beauty services in a specific area. A clean and appealing user interface is a must.

How your venue/mobile clinic appears

When stepping into a salon, spa or massage parlour, customers want to feel as though they are the main event. The environment, then, should be calming, and willing to exhibit what you’ve managed to do in the past. This might include a quirky photo display of happy clients; decorative pieces that show your visual fervour; even, perhaps, the music you choose for ambience. Mobile clinics can’t escape it either, since the vehicle or portable stall should be reflective of the tastes you bring to your work.

Eye-catching beauty dress

In the middle of our list sits a big decision – the uniform you’re going to inhabit for years to come. Both yourself and any staff members need to have an inspiring clothes style; nothing too brash, of course, but a wardrobe that’s lovely to look at, with sparse branding where it can snap up attention. A salon tunic or professional jumpsuit, for example, can lift a fashion sense so it’s representative of your service.

A varied treatment arsenal

Not only do we expect beauty technicians to use the perfect tools for nails, skin, hair, makeup etc. We also like to hear them talk about what a piece of equipment can do, and how they’re differentiated. When it’s feasible, invest in a new run of beauty tools that can be shown off, described and applied on a whim. Don’t be shy about them; the more eloquently you can exhibit and talk about these appliances, the stronger your authority will seem.

Stationery, cards & beauty accessories

Lastly, let’s not forget the subtler creases in your branding tapestry. Pens, appointment books, sticky notes and mugs can all be printed in the imagery you’ve landed for a thorough, unified message. The small stuff reinforces the large – this also goes for festive cards you may send to your contact list, or any business correspondence you hand out whilst networking. Stay true to your main aesthetic, but find cool ways to put a spin on a theme.

We don’t want you to stop there, as the only true limit to your branding is an imaginative one. Do your research but, in the meantime, head to our work uniform collection for tunics, luxury trousers and other items of beauty dress that present your business in the light it’s been striving for…

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