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5 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy During Lockdown

Filling your time in quarantine can be a struggle. The days seem longer, and you just can’t wait to get up and running again with your beauty business. So what if you used those long days to learn something new? All whilst giving your brand a boost?

There’s more to lockdown hobbies than baking, keeping fit and running quizzes on Zoom. We’ve gathered five ideas to spark your imagination right here – fresh skills and projects to help you become better at what you do.

Take an online beauty course

You’re probably already proficient in several treatments, but there’s always something else you could try and refine. Whether it’s perfecting nail art and manicures or experimenting with haircuts, makeup or massages, launch yourself into a beauty course and you can easily add an extra string to your bow.

Learn to make DIY products

Want to lower the stock bill when you’re in business again? Homemade creams, masks, scrubs and moisturisers cut down on expenses and lend a unique, personal touch to your work – as long as you ensure your product’s safety. Most of them aren’t hard to rustle up either. There are countless recipes online, and ingredients like sage, peppermint and coconut oil are readily available in your nearest supermarket too.

Experiment on yourself (or your household)

Test any innovations in your beauty routine with friends, partners, parents or kids – whoever you’re quarantining with. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t quite work out – this is an excuse to be creative. And your subjects won’t be seeing many people anyway, so a faultless result isn’t as essential! You might want to blog or vlog about it to keep your promotional material churning over.

Learn another language

If you can speak French, Spanish, Chinese or even Arabic, there’s a good chance you’ll appeal to a wider range of customers in the future. After all, people want to describe exactly what they’re looking for in a beauty treatment – as well as have a chat when they visit. It’s worth finding a language course and committing to an hour or two’s study every night. Like beauty courses, there are a variety of interactive lessons available that you can complete on your computer or phone.

Follow and engage with beauty bloggers

We’re constantly told that a social profile counts for so much more than traditional marketing. But, normally, there’s a lot of pressure to be interesting and find cool things to share. Lockdown might just be the excuse you need to get started. Discover beauty stars from around the world and think about growing your own fan base. Comment on their posts. Give original takes on trending news. Don’t think about it too much – just try to be yourself and add to the conversation.


The coronavirus has completely changed life as we know it. However, if you use the time we have wisely, you can regain some control. Feel more empowered. Take every day as it comes, and keep honing your craft.

Let us know how you’re doing on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to see our advice in action.

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