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5 Ways To Make Pregnant Salon Workers Feel Comfortable

Children are most commonly born in autumn. If any of your salon staff are pregnant, they’ll likely be announcing it now, during spring. There’s a lot to think about for keeping a new mum-to-be happy, comfortable and free of stress in the months ahead. Here at La Beeby, we have some tried-and-tested advice for supporting a pregnant worker in your salon.

Have a chair ready

The extra weight can be difficult if she’s moving to and fro all day. Reserve a chair for your pregnant teammate, so she can sit and regain her strength when she needs to. Also, avoid sending her upstairs or on lunchtime errands – the less they move unnecessarily, the better. Mini five-minute breaks every hour are a good starting point, but try and fill other people in for overtime too.

Ask someone else to fetch hard-to-reach items

Your salon products may be arranged in a fashion that your pregnant team member finds hard to reach, with sprays, oils, creams and tools on high shelving or in low cupboards. Make it as easy as you can for them; perhaps another colleague can take on the strenuous work. Bending or reaching for something is going to take its toll, especially on her back and knees.

Buy soft, comfy work shoes

Spa workwear comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. But shoes have to be accounted for during a pregnancy – the wrong pair can cause swelling, pain and bruises, as our ankle muscles naturally stretch and soften. Flat (or very low heel wedge) shoes are a must if you want to encourage smart attire. Otherwise, trainers are very good at reducing pressure and aerating the foot.

Open windows and set a fan up 

Working for seven to eight hours a day in one spot can be exhausting. To assist your pregnant team member in keeping their energy levels up and regulating their temperature better, place an electric fan at her salon chair or treatment station. A low breeze will work wonders through her shift. If the weather’s good, open a window or two. The rest of your team may be just as thankful for it.

Find an amazing salon tunic

A fitted uniform can be very hard to gain at a time like this. La Beeby, however, have designed beauty clothing with pregnancy in mind. Our Chloe salon tunic, for instance, has the luxury taste and style of our other pieces, but with a major difference. There’s a tie at chest-height, which can be pulled or tightened to fit a baby bump. Essentially, the tunic accommodates the change in body shape, giving more room over the months to come. It’s an innovative maternity uniform that hundreds of women across the UK are trying for themselves.

To enquire more about a salon tunic or any part of your work wardrobe, speak to La Beeby. We have a large selection of tunics, trousers, dresses and jumpsuits, and accessories. Pregnancy is a joyous time, but it shouldn’t limit the pleasure of coming to work, feeling great, and treating clients to a five-star salon experience.

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