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7 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Customers During A Pandemic

No one knows exactly what’s going to happen after lockdown – or when in fact it will end. But one thing’s for sure: customers miss you.

While you may have been forced to close your salon, the way in which you react during these times of need will be remembered when business returns to normal.

So, just how can you stay in the hearts and minds of your clientele? And what little acts of kindness will go a long way? We explore just that…

1) Give a hairdressing tutorial

With salons closed for the foreseeable, men and women alike are seeking alternative ways to style their hair. Why not give them a few tricks of the trade? But, instead of using specialist equipment, stick to a comb, electric razor and easily available scissors. Once filmed, post it on social media.

2) Provide tips for general self-care

Daily life has significantly changed, and we’re all looking for ways to make the days feel more special. That’s why a beginner’s massage video, or an explainer for self-made face cream, will go down a treat. Focus on anything that’s relatively simple and inexpensive.

3) Sell your existing products

Sitting on a small stockpile of wax, spray, nail paint or hair colouring? Send an email to your contacts asking if they’d like to top up while in quarantine. After all, quality beauty products might be a little harder for them to find right now. You could even offer a discount and help their beauty regime stay on track.

4) Shop for the elderly, vulnerable or key workers

Check who needs help nearby. You’ll know long-term customers better, of course, which makes it easier to know whether they have an existing health condition or work for the NHS. For others, announce you’re doing drop-offs on social media. People can spread the word to their relatives or neighbours.

5) Host quizzes or games on Zoom

You’ve probably seen a fair share of silliness online. So why not do the same, once a week or so, with these 12 ideas for remote hangouts? Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on it though. Fancy dress hangman might just take off…

6) Find an action plan for kids’ entertainment

Let’s face it – many of your clients will be at their wit’s end trying to think of new things to keep their son or daughter occupied. Perhaps you can jump in. Puzzles, craft challenges, kids’ cooking recipes and more are a lifeline for parents.

7) Make a call now and then

One thing that has become apparent during lockdown is the importance of conversations. Salons are social spaces and, for some visitors, yours might have been host to the highlight of their week. Whatever their living situation, your voice on the end of the phone could give a massive boost to their wellbeing.

It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic is a massive stress test for small businesses. But if you show your customers that you care, your clients will have many good things to say about you. And remember, all too soon you’ll be back on your feet and pampering your regulars again.

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