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Come And See… Our New Fitted Uniforms

For years, La Beeby has stayed in the know in female fashion. Our team scour the web, catwalks and high streets for the best in beauty, ensuring our uniforms are inspired by the latest trends.

All of this has led to four new fitted uniforms in the La Beeby range: Erin, Lyla, Anna and Grace. Whether you need a beauty dress or a spa tunic, they are four characterful pieces for your work wardrobe. And because we’re so happy to announce these fresh looks, we’re going to introduce each of them, one at a time…

The Anna

We’ve crafted a V-shaped neckline on the Anna beauty dress, made for framing those collarbones. In black, grey or mulberry, it’ll add an air of refinement to take with you when travelling to clients’ homes, or to your salon or spa.

Thanks to the pleated detail, and a belt effect stretching across the waist, Anna can flatter any body shape. We like to think of it as a mid-length cocktail dress that’s been revamped for the beauty environment.

The Grace

Anna and Grace are sisters, really – one is just a little shorter! This piece is an all-season salon tunic that’s perfect to order with its dress companion. Again, we have the tonguing waist feature in a swipe across your figure, and the flattering V-neck.

The shoulders are cut to add to your strong posture whilst working. With a gently curving pair of sleeves high on the arm, you’re also free of fabric getting in the way of your beauty treatments. Colours are the same too: mulberry, grey or black.

The Lyla

We’ve described it as a ‘military style’, which is halfway to the truth of such a gorgeous, functional fitted uniform. With the navy tone option added to the above colours, the Lyla has a touch more flexibility, whilst cleaving in straighter lines on the neck, sleeves and bottom.

Its secret weapon, however, rests in its button fastening, which winks and glimmers from the left side of the chest. Aside from the practical benefits (no more caught zips!), it creates a focal point on dark clothing. With the mulberry shade, that shine carries a deep impression of femininity.

The Erin

She’s the airiest item on our list, and for good reason, since the Erin is very adaptable on the shoulder. The material can fold over so you have no sleeves at all, or remain in the open slit for added breathability.

The rest of the beauty tunic is plain and simple. Stitching lines are visible from hips to neck, though, so the texture isn’t completely flat. We suggest wearing it with dashes of metallic makeup, all the better to play off the plum tone.

We’re committed to designing the finest fitted uniforms in the UK. Our size range has no compare; we want every woman to enjoy these pieces, reflecting the broad sweep of your beauty work. Say hello to the new arrivals and buy in bulk to save on your next order.

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