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A Dazzling Choice: The Diamante Beauty Tunic

Beauty dress – what’s not to love? Such attire combines trim, practical style with the chance to show off at work, whether you’re a solo beautician or leading a top team project.

That’s why La Beeby goes a little further for affordable luxury. Our diamante beauty tunic range is ready for your day-to-day wardrobe; thin, light and brimming with special crystalline features. They’re very hard to pass up, proving your commitment to gorgeous workwear.

But, to ease you into the concept of a diamante beauty tunic, we’re going to talk a bit more about them, and why they’re so adaptable for your business.

A subtle strain of glamour

Diamante is, in essence, an imitation diamond made from glass or synthetic crystal. They’re touched up to look like the real thing, at a fraction of the price. That makes them a cost-sensitive addition to our collection; we don’t burn a huge hole in our funds for the shimmering effect to be realised.

For centuries, diamante has been used as a replacement for eye-wateringly expensive stones. Modern techniques can cut it finer than ever, without losing any of the gleam we’ve come to expect. As such, diamante can act as a small, stunning inflection on your beauty wear, particularly for the spa, hair or therapist tunic.

How so? Well, it’s down to the plain softness of your high-end tunic: simply dressed in one or (at most) two colours, so the diamante element stands out. A beauty tunic doesn’t drown the crystals in reams of bold tones or patterning. It’s a canvas to highlight the areas that matter; chiefly, your neckline and buttoning, which offer the prime spots for customised style.

Our favourite diamante beauty tunic designs

For starters, we’re very fond of the diamante button – especially when its spaced apart to a tasteful distance, as in the Beau Tunic. They add to the quick-fasten qualities of the clothing, whilst matching effectively with shades of purple, grey or midnight blue. Since one half of the garment folds over your body to the extreme left, the atypical design is accentuated, letting the buttons draw the eye.

Alternatively, the Esmee Beauty Tunic has a keyhole neck cut, which again is made ever more dazzling thanks to the diamante beads. Stitch lines run around the chest and shoulders, but it’s the crystals that do the heavy lifting, style-wise. The shape of the neckline has an extra, elegant touch – one you can count on to wow clientele without overstepping the professional dress code.

And that’s the real challenge of beauty wear: to get a perfect blend of style and substance, in a look people can trust. We offer that to the nth degree with our batch of diamante beauty tunics. See the complete La Beeby range here, or field your questions to our dedicated workwear team. There’s a sparkling sensation to be had with diamante; we want to make it a core part of your uniform, whatever the future may hold.

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