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DIY Beauty: Has COVID-19 Helped Or Hindered The Salon Experience?

How did you stay occupied over lockdown? Many turned to DIY beauty, with bedrooms and bathrooms becoming experimental hubs in the place of trusted salons. And while some settled for the simplicity of self-care, others dared to experiment – trialling techniques and styles with mixed results.

Now that restrictions will soon be lifted in England and other areas of the UK, the time has come to let the professionals take over. But are some more eager than others to swap the homemade experience for your services? Below, we’ll find out whether DIY beauty over the pandemic has helped or hindered the salon experience – and what you can do to win customers back.


COVID-19 only increased the amount of time spent on social media and digital platforms. And it’s on the likes of TikTok and YouTube where tutorials hooked people into attempting all kinds of hair and beauty tricks – from half-and-half hair dye to homemade nail art.

On the one hand, this sparked the imagination and introduced people to styles and techniques that they fell in love with. And with this new inspiration comes the desire to have their new-found look recreated professionally. For others, the applications didn’t quite go to plan, reaffirming their need for the salon. So, perhaps DIY beauty did the industry a favour…


Unfortunately for business owners, some people’s homemade experiences were positive enough to prevent their return to the paid version. And with many tightened pockets coming out of lockdown, sticking by successful DIY attempts has presented a money-saving opportunity.

It’s also clear that not everyone feels comfortable returning to public spaces just yet, especially where close contact is involved. If they feel they can recreate the salon experience to a high enough standard, then the safety of their own home may be the more attractive prospect. So, what can salons do to overcome these obstacles?

Winning them back

Many DIY techniques, particularly the more complex ones, involve an element of risk when not executed by a trained professional. Take hot wax applications, for example – the internet is no stranger to DIY-gone-wrong videos in this area. Consider highlighting these dangers and promoting your salon as the more risk-free solution to achieving their favourite styles and techniques.

Expand further on the safety of your salon, appealing to those still wary of the virus or uncomfortable with social contact. Shout about your friendly staff, the safety measures you have in place, and the COVID-19 guidelines you strictly adhere to. And, of course, demonstrate the amazing service that’s waiting for them when they choose to return.

Remember, appearance goes a long way – especially when trying to retain clients. All of our beautician tunics and salon dresses are comfortable, professional and stylish – a winning combination when aiming to deliver the best salon experience possible. To speak to us directly about which of our wide variety of styles would suit your business, simply get in touch.

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