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How To Go Solo & Succeed In The Beauty Sector

Hairdressers, makeup artists and other professionals may easily sway to the proposition of going solo, treating clients to their own, imitable skillset. Beauty may be all around us, but that doesn’t mean a self-employed business comes naturally to everyone… Actually, it’s a challenge, unless you know what you’re doing.

That’s why we thought it best to share tips for success in your new beauty venture. Sweep the hair from your eyes, tap those nails on the desk, and spend a moment taking them in:

Spot tastes before they take off

Social media is a great lens on the future. Its visual focus, coupled with excited chatter between fans of this or that product, make it a valuable research tool. The beauty market moves very quickly, so it’s worth scouring for hashtags, posts and threads debating what’s fresh on the scene.

Instagram and Twitter are likely going to be your biggest sources of information. But go further: read all the industry magazines you can, and establish contact with journalists and taste-makers, even just to get their opinion on what’s building steam.

Up your customer service game

The beauty sector is aspirational. People want to feel like royalty when they book a treatment with you. It’s a powerful association, one that they’ll take home, covet, and seek again by digging into their purse for another dose.

So, it makes sense to supercharge customer service in all areas of the business. Free samples are a must for creams, eye shadow and other products, supported with bright, attentive comments when you’re exhibiting. You could even provide a free glass of bubbly during the session, or a few finishing touches to their new style.

Ask for feedback online, crafting personal responses to reviews or questions. Great customer service will rank you head and shoulders above your competitors.

Join an industry group

There are many, many fantastic collectives at the click of a button, ready to plie you with advice and testimonials from those who’ve ‘made it’. There’s no harm in linking arms with your fellows, peeling apart a packed marketplace together.

Membership can result in trade show invites – a definite means to see what the competition is up to – as well as seminar seats, social events and relationships with local businesses, which can help spread word of your talent.

Look like the image you’re trying to sell

Above all, embody the beauty of the business. Launching your own brand of makeup? Ensure it’s flawless on your own skin, designed to a standard that people can’t turn away from. Or perhaps you’re a mobile therapist, visiting clients in their homes? Don’t compromise on gorgeous beautywear that brings the salon experience to their front room.

Choose a handful of beautywear products from the La Beeby range to get you started. The path to an independent beauty career is paved in hard decisions… Hopefully though, we’ve set you somewhat straighter on-course, eager to leave a gorgeous mark on your industry!

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