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How To Keep Cool In Your Salon

As much as we adore soaking in the much-needed summer rays, it can cause salon workers to feel overheated in their typically oppressive beauty uniforms.

When the hot weather doesn’t look to be disappearing anytime soon, here are a few simple ways you can ensure coolness at the salon.

Expose the skin

Flip-flops often aren’t appropriate attire at a salon, but this doesn’t mean the lowest region of the body can’t be kept fresh. Slim leg cropped beauty trousers allow you to get those stunning ankles on show, giving this area the breeze that it needs.

You can also work the cold shoulder trend with the Erin beauty tunic. The sleeves can be opened or closed, ideal for taking in some fresh air during a heatwave, or protecting from the chills when the air conditioning is on max.

Wear cooler colours

Many believe that wearing white makes us cooler, and so is the superior tone to flaunt in the summer. But whilst white clothing reflects sunrays, it also reflects our own body heat back towards us, causing further warmth.

Darker colours, like black, take in the sun, but they also absorb energy from the body. With a looser fit and some help from a salon fan, the heated energy can be radiated away. You’ll be able to keep cool, making La Beeby’s range of beauty workwear in deep shades such as plum and navy the better choice.

Let the air in

Restrictive clothing reduces the spaces for air to get in. There’s copious salon uniforms that have openings in all the right places, like the Anna dress which allows for plentiful movement whilst flattering that gorgeous waistline.

The neck is often a restrained area, so ensure you opt for beauty tunics that possess a V-neck, such as the Kate. This tunic effortlessly combines a sophisticated look with ample ventilation. There’s also the Lili, which has looser fit legs so that you can stay comfortably cool.

Take advantage of splits

Cuts within beauty workwear mean you can adjust your outfit to stay refreshed when necessary. The Madeleine has back and front vents for easy movement, with a stunning crystal detail design to add glamour.

There’s also the Jasmin, which is a long-length salon tunic but has front and side splits. You’ll be able to stylishly saunter around without the heat bothering you when this item is in your wardrobe.

Wear breathable materials

Polycotton is the optimum beauty uniform material – it achieves a dazzling appearance, whilst giving your entire body the ability to breathe easy. Choose the Justine beauty tunic to benefit from this stunning material.

There’s no need to feel hot and bothered with such an abundance of stunning salon workwear available. Contact La Beeby to work glamorously throughout the summer and beyond.

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