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How To Keep Your Salon Staff Happy

Mental health is the number one reason for sickness in the workplace. Supporting struggling team members and providing a work environment that contributes to positive mental health is key for employers. Whilst salon work is enjoyable, no job is 100% free from stress. Work uniforms can help staff feel comfortable as they complete their day-to-day tasks, but this doesn’t alleviate mental pressures alone.

As a salon business owner, there are simple things you can do to promote good mental health.

Make room for regular breaks

Non-stop work causes exhaustion, which results in less productivity. So, it’s actually in your interests as an employer to provide regular breaks. Yet offering this doesn’t mean staff will necessarily take a breather – some might feel like there is simply too much to do.

To get employees out of this habit, you could create a rota where breaks are included. If you have a small workforce, then this rota will also help ensure that the impact on your business is minimised. Additionally, you can let employees know that if they ever feel like things are getting too much, they are welcome to take a break when they need to.

Place some greenery in the salon

Employees don’t have to be away from work to boost their mental health – plants have been proven to improve mood. Simply including a few pots in your salon will be incredibly valuable. You could opt for lavender for reducing anxiety and stress, the English ivy plant for improving sleep, or chrysanthemums for their relaxing effects.

On top of this, along with stunning work uniforms, they will help your salon look its best and stand out among your competitors. Customers will also get to benefit from their positive mental health effects, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Encourage physical activity

Plants aren’t the only thing that help improve mental wellbeing – exercise can make people happier too. As an employer, there are little suggestions you can make to motivate your team members to take part in more physical activities.

You can plan group exercises – perhaps going on brisk walks at lunch, or signing up for classes like yoga. Another idea is to see if you can partner with a local gym and offer a discounted membership.

Use therapy balms and candles

Aromatherapy has proven its worth at promoting good mental health – it can alleviate anxiety and depression, and energise employees. Placing therapy balms and candles in your salon is an easy way that you can tap into these benefits.

We have a range of choices here at La Beeby. The de-stress candle helps with relief from daily pressures. Or there’s the sleep well candle for relaxation, and the de-stress therapy balm provides an aid for those who feel tense and need to rest their mind.

Putting these tips into action should make your salon staff much happier. Contact La Beeby to discover more benefits of our therapeutic accessories, or find out further information about our work uniforms.

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