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How To Promote Wellbeing In Your Salon

It’s become more important than ever to focus on mental wellbeing this year. This extends to spas and salons too – places where a client’s wellbeing is paramount. But that doesn’t mean the teams that work there should be overlooked. We’ve found the most effective ways to make your staff feel relaxed and comfortable during their shifts.

Offer free fruit

Handing out a healthy snack or two throughout the day will give your staff the energy they need to stay at the top of their game. Opt for the standard apples, pears, and grapes, or give your employees a chance to try something new with more exotic fruits such as dragonfruit, pomegranate, or mango. Bonus points if you give them the opportunity to let you know their preferences for the week ahead.

Promote hydration

Keeping hydrated is a must for workers who do a lot of physical labour. This includes salon workers. A good way to get your team to drink more water throughout the day is to create a personalised bottle that they can have on hand in the salon. Why not add your branding along with their name in their favourite colour? Keep the bottles at the salon to prevent them from getting lost, and offer iced water when summer rolls around.

Have regular team get-togethers

Socials are a great way for your team to mix and bond outside work. Allowing your team to spend time together, after working hours, will create a friendlier, more comfortable atmosphere in the salon. Socials that promote physical activity are also a great way to enhance wellbeing. After all, exercise has been found to relieve stress and encourage the production of endorphins (a hormone responsible for feelings of happiness) – so why not join in the local run club, or try a more relaxing activity like yoga?

Create a relaxing space

Salons can be small, so it might be hard to create a space away from the hustle and bustle of working life. But having a dedicated area for your staff to sit down, have a snack and collect their thoughts is a good way for them to destress. Create a little nook with team hoodies, cushions, and blankets for your employees to relax in. Or, if you don’t have the room, section off a little area outside so they can catch those well-deserved sunrays.

Start a reward system

Why not create a reward system to give a little kudos to those who have done well during the week? Recognising your staff’s hard work and talents can improve their overall view of you and the business. Treat those who have gone above and beyond their duties to a bottle of prosecco, chocolate, or trinket to show how much you appreciate their hard work.

Encourage breaks

Frequent breaks are essential to maintaining your employee’s wellbeing in the workplace. As you well know, working in a salon means long hours on your feet. Having a sit down and a short rest with a cup of tea in between clients is sometimes all it takes to allow your staff to recuperate, ready for the next customer.

Be open-minded

One of the biggest worries for employees is not having an understanding boss. Life has a habit of getting in the way of your work – whether it be a doctor’s appointment, childcare problems or an injury, some things just can’t be helped. Having someone that they can approach easily, and know will be considerate to their situation, will allow them to feel less anxious about raising any issues as they occur.

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