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How To Keep Your Beauty Staff Motivated Over Christmas

Baileys, nutmeg and cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon – these are just some of the treats waiting under the Christmas tree. And it doesn’t stop at food and drink; everywhere we look, there’s a seasonal party, or an excuse for live music in a terrace full of strangers.

A beauty entrepreneur with staff to manage has to deal with the fact that, by and large, everyone’s minds are on the festive break. Work can feel a little stagnant, constricting, against the grain of the fun happening elsewhere…

But there’s still great treatment to be done! Follow our advice for motivating your team through the Yuletide period.

Send personalised Christmas cards

It’s a small touch, yet people really value your comments at this time of year when we’re gazing back at the relationships we’ve strengthened. Craft a personal message to each of your employees. They might take in new clients, big achievements, an incredible beauty project they had a hand in, or anything else you can think of. Festive poems are a sure hit too, maybe with a cheeky mention of their nightlife ‘hobby’!

Leave room for flexible shifts

There are a million pressures to cope with at Christmas – it’s not all about smiles and ruddy-cheeked comfort. Staff may need to dash here and there for shopping, nativity plays, signing home deliveries, and preparing a meal for extended family. Staying sensitive to this will bolster everyone’s loyalty to the business. Agree to the occasional early start or finish, so they can cope with demand. The caveat is, of course, that they work especially hard during their shift.

Run a competition for top Christmas presents

No-one should go home for the season without a gift from yours truly. Yet there’s scope to explore a layered, ascending bag of goodies for staff who bring in the most revenue over December. Create a four or five-tier system: expensive presents like champagne, straighteners or a gadget can be at the top, whilst smaller things (chocolates, a bracelet) rest further down the scale. This encourages a competitive spirit that the workforce won’t take too seriously.

Organise an awards evening

We actually suggest doing a bit more to celebrate your team over the last 12 months… An awards evening, somewhere modest but festive, can fill the shoes of your Christmas social, and help everyone feel valued. Act as the host if you’re up to it; a mic, PA and live band can make it feel special, even with just a handful of employees.

Make seasonal adjustments to your beauty uniform

As we’ve said, it’s impossible to escape the extra dose of fun in our streets, shops and cafes. Let your team express themselves in the same way, ideally with a special Christmas rule for their beauty uniform, or a snow-bound makeover for whatever venue you might occupy.

We’ve written a previous blog on how to shake up your typical beauty-wear for Christmas. Heed that advice, just as you’re browsing for new outfits on our store. La Beeby has plenty of fashionable, practical garb for 2018 and beyond, should you wish to put more gifts under your business’ tree…

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