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Secret Santa Presents That Anyone Will Love

Pulled a name out of the Secret Santa hat you were really hoping you wouldn’t get? Someone who’s difficult to buy for doesn’t have to cause a feeling of dread. There are plenty of gifts out there that anyone will love…

Here, we list the best ones to make your salon Secret Santa a breeze.

Healthy cookbook

Those who are fussy with gifts will likely appreciate something that has lasting value, rather than the standard box of chocolates or bottle of wine. With the New Year approaching, long-term goals will be on their agenda. Something that aligns with this will be the ideal present, such as a healthy cookbook.

The healthy eating trend is one that’s here to stay, and also one that almost everyone seems to have embraced. It’s unlikely you’ll meet someone who never cooks, so this gift will be loved by whoever receives it. Just make sure the recipes aren’t too easy – or complex!

Nail polishes

Another present with an element of pragmatism is nail polish. They are a salon worker’s necessity, adding colour to beauty workwear while protecting nails from damage. It also prevents nail biting, which may well be their New Year’s resolution!

Want to go one step further? Why not book your colleague in for a treatment of their own? There’s nothing better than being on the other side of the salon table when it’s time to finally unwind for Christmas…

Spa treatment

Nail treatments are just one of the treats you can bestow upon your fellow worker… haircuts, massages and tans will all leave your colleague looking and feeling great in time for December 25th.

You’ll have easy access to the therapies at your workplace, and might even be able to secure a reduced price. In fact, depending on the treatment and your role, you could provide it yourself!


Accessories like candles and therapy balms are another way to boost the wellbeing of someone you work with. Aromatherapy is fantastic for promoting mental health, combating issues such as anxiety and depression.

There are a few candles you can choose from in the La Beeby collection. The de-stress candle is ideal for lighting up their mood, encouraging daily tensions to fall away. This comes in travel form, and there’s a sleep well travel therapy candle too. Its natural ingredients will help anyone feel rejuvenated by the time they return to the salon.

Beauty workwear accessories

Keen to keep it practical? There are lots of essential accessories that your co-worker will appreciate, especially those which complement their beauty workwear. The pleat detail belt, for instance, has a range of colours to give uniform a little extra character.

Or you could opt for the stylish Fifi wedge heel shoes, allowing them to stand tall and comfortably in the salon. A fob watch is great for those who struggle with timekeeping, fashioning salon uniforms with a classic or funky look.

To take it one step further, buy them a whole new outfit, such as an on-trend work tunic. If you’re a boss buying gifts, saving employees the cost of investing in uniform themselves is bound to be appreciated.

Contact La Beeby, and we’ll soon match you up with fitting beauty workwear pieces, whether for a Secret Santa gift or not.

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