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The Essential Accessories For Your Salon

Whilst chic beauty uniforms will be a central focus point for your salon, other items can help to create a pleasing, eye-catching environment and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here, we shine the spotlight on some essential accessories to include when selecting your salon’s mise-en-scène.

Calming candles

Life can be both wonderful and hectic – for salon workers and customers alike. De-stress candles provide the perfect way to relax. They comfort with their delightful chamomile, neroli and mandarin scent, as well as their stunning glow.

If your salon offers any therapeutic services, like massages, the sleep well candle will put your customers 100% at ease. Created from natural waxes, the palmarosa, lavender and ylang ylang ingredients will see them relax into the treatment as you work away the day’s build-up of tension.

Boosting balms

Sometimes stress needs more than five minutes of meditation. The de-stress therapy balm offers serenity to even the tensest person.

For many, being an optimist on a daily basis just doesn’t come naturally. The ‘BE HAPPY’ therapy balm brings a little more positivity to your day. Any woes will be left at the door, and your mood will be instantly elevated. Salon workers and customers will feel like they are, quite literally, walking on sunshine.

Beautiful belts

It’s possible for beauty uniforms to be made even more glamorous. A belt can be wrapped around to give them that extra bit of charm.

The pleated detail draws the eyes in, and the belts are available in a range of dazzling shades. You can sparkle with tantalising teal, go bold with black, or look simply fabulous with fuchsia.

Fantastic fob watches

Getting out your smartphone to check the time is improper for a professional salon, and wall clocks aren’t always placed where staff members can see them best. That’s where a fob watch comes in.

There’s the choice of the classic design for a traditional vibe, or you can opt for a funky silicon one if you’re wanting to be more adventurous. Coming in cerise, white, navy blue and black, you can’t miss these out when putting together your uniforms.

Wonderful wedge heel shoes

There’s nothing like a little height to boost the look of an outfit – but staff should feel comfortable too – a key feature of appropriate salon workwear.

The Fifi shoes are ideal. Designed so that you can easily slip your feet into them, anyone wearing these wedges will look and feel stylish as they work.

These accessories are certain to create a captivating salon. Contact La Beeby to find out more about how our beauty uniforms will astound anyone who steps foot in yours.

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