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Trend Setting Spotlight: Hair Salon Dress

Some beauty experts like to throw off the shackles of classic femininity. For others, though, there’s still much to embrace with a professional dress, particularly when it’s at the heart of your uniform. Hair salon dress wear is full of small, gorgeous touches that make it a symbol of womanhood, and all the attentive qualities that come with it…

For our trend spotlight this week, we’ve been putting the hair salon dress under the microscope, to see why it’s so special. Keep reading for our thoughts on cuts, finishes and contemporary designs.

V-necked or scooped?

One of the first things we notice about a dress is its neckline. There are two predominant types: a scoop cut, or one that’s split in the middle, forming a V around the collarbone. The latter is tasteful – we don’t want to show off too much cleavage in the salon, after all. Yet it has slight implications for how your staff are presented.

Since the general image of a professional dress is quite conservative, an open collar has more of a freeing effect, making your team seem more casual. Meanwhile, the closed collar is ideal for those who prefer a composed, air stewardess-style look to their hair salon dress. Either is fine, as long as you’re aware of the influence this choice will have.

Creating sharpness at the shoulder

In social contexts, a dress should play to our body shape. But a working environment is different; a hair salon dress must leave room for the actual clipping, drying etc. of hair to continue, meaning it can’t be too restrictive.

A good fit for each staff member will allay some of these fears. However, a freer design tends to be offset with sharp, squared stitching at both shoulder areas. It lends the illusion of a neat, shapely upper figure that can still perform any task you need it to.

Mid-body finishes for a hair salon dress

Now we’re onto the most variable part of your decision. Salon uniform, in its myriad tastes, can move to a finish that broadens the texture or visual punch of the garment. A hair salon dress is no exception, leaving most of its wild, playful side to the centre and lower half of the workwear.

A peplum style, for instance, can be very chic, mixing an extra fabric element just below the belt line. We have this item in plum to show you what lies beyond the regular single-surface dress. Alongside it, you may want to consider a pencil skirt, shaded in direct contrast to the salon tunic. Other finishes include glittering jewel details, such as the three crystals planted on our Madeleine model.

A hair salon dress, styled appropriately, could form a cornerstone of your workwear or uniform. We tend to feel better in the clothes we love; that goes double for the pressures of a salon space, where beauty is ever at the back of our minds. Check out the rest of our hair salon dress collection or contact La Beeby for top tips and style advice.

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