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Trend-Setting Spotlight: The Luxury Spa Tunic

People come to spas for a warm, rejuvenating escape from the world. They expect to be pampered, beautified and cared for. As staff move around the sauna steam and poolside chairs, they have to foster a sense of calm – much of which is brought together by great aesthetics.

A luxury spa tunic, therefore, is a key part of what makes a beauty environment sing soothingly to your customers. Today, there are plenty of cuts, colours and finishing touches that you may not expect for a spa uniform.

La Beeby want to investigate the quirks of contemporary spa workwear, so you know exactly what’s out there…

The wrap-over style

Luxury spa tunic styles tend to have a classical feel, as if you’re in a Grecian bathhouse with tumbling fountains in the periphery. They wrap from one side of the body to the other, aligned on a line stretching down the left or right side. Typically, white is a ‘pure’ shade for this sort of spa wear – it implies health and cleanliness, which is portrayed fabulously in our Emma tunic.

Alternatively, you can go for a tie-up fitting, matching it with a top underneath. There’s a nice, simple impression to be had with a spa tunic that doesn’t go too far beyond a physical representation of ‘less is more’.

Buttons and front zips for svelte fits

On the other hand, you can opt for a luxury spa tunic that doesn’t cleave to typical material designs. By keeping the main colour quite subtle, zip lines have a chance to shine as a style feature. Take the Diamante, for instance: a black garment with a studded zip that curves up at a left angle on the chest.

These features can draw attention to the shape of your body. Elsewhere though, buttons carry a higher-class look, which may suit your spa branding. The Stephane spa tunic for men is an example of professional, close-fitting top wear that wouldn’t look out of place in a smart-casual office. Yet it’s still light, comfortable and non-restrictive.

A slew of great necklines

Since spa uniforms are (generally) quite muted, there’s a lot to play with in terms of the neckline you’re seeking. Elegant cuts can make a fashion statement without destabilising the neutrality of the tunic as a whole. It can also highlight collarbones and skin tones, whilst staying conservative for your clients.

A notch neck design is proving popular, as are the straighter edges of the Juliette luxury spa tunic, which slices down from the back of the collar. There’s a zip-back fastening too, on the latter item, for a distinctively feminine finish.

We’ve come so far in luxury spa tunic wear; truly, there’s every reason to indulge yourself, just as much as people will head to your centre for a renewed lifestyle. Shop at the La Beeby store for spa uniforms you can’t beat for price, quality and variety. Or, instead, contact us for tips and suggestions.

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