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The Ultimate Work Tunics Style Guide: Beauticians, Hairdressers & Spa Therapists

Over the years, we’ve developed and improved our products based on your feedback and the fast-changing landscape of the spa & salon industry. From independent mobile workers all the way through to large national brands, we’re here to provide you with professional, modern uniforms that combine style with practicality.

We understand that first impressions are crucial for attracting new clients, while brand identities are important for long-term retention and an overall consensus of hygiene equals client trust. With almost 30 years’ experience designing for the health and beauty industry, we’re proud to design work tunics that respect the unique needs of each and every one of you and offer everything required for all day confidence and comfort. From work tunics with pockets, to longer length beauty tunics, we have it all! And today, we’ve whittled down exactly which tunic will work best for you in your specific role.

Take it from one of our repeat customers, Lisa,


“Perfect tunics you’ll want to buy for a 3rd, 4th or 5th time round (because they’re so enduring!)”


So, let’s get into it…




We hope this niche guide helps you choose your staple pieces from our vast range. Remember, though, that it’s always possible to break boundaries and create new trends in each sector of the salon and spa industry! After all, we’re here to make suggestions, whilst adapting to the changes in your uniform you might desire over time.

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