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What To Look For When Choosing Comfortable Beauty Workwear

We’ve previously talked about how beauty uniforms need to be trendy and stylish. Now that the summer months are upon us, you might be wondering how to achieve comfort too.

The answer isn’t to switch glamour for dull but less restrictive clothing – beauty workwear can be both chic and comfortable. Here’s how to ensure the work uniforms you choose possess both these qualities.

An unrestrained neckline

There’s nothing worse than that choking feeling when a collar is too tight around your neck. Having an opening at the neckline can make all the difference. This doesn’t need to massively expose the area – you can choose a beauty tunic with a subtle V-neck.

Other options are an open notch neckline which the eye-catching Karla boasts, or a salon tunic with a lower, asymmetric slope like the beautifully crystal-buttoned Beau.

Room for body movement

Whether you’re dashing about the salon all day, or zipping between work and business meetings, you need to be able to easily move. The Jasmin, with its front and side splits, will allow you to swiftly flit from task to task.

Or opt for the Justine, with a split at the bottom for the ultimate movement. To give your shoulders freedom, the Erin has sleeves to open when necessary. And for when you’re on the go constantly, the Anna beauty dress – fitted in all the right places – will suit perfectly.

Exposure of the skin

Flaunting your skin is a particularly good idea this season, reducing the chance of discomfort caused by overheating. There’s ample ways to show off a little more of it, like slim legged cropped trousers that give your ankles the attention they deserve.

A beauty tunic option is the Erin, which allows you to work the cold shoulder trend. For maximum exposure of your neckbones, the square cut neck of the Juliette will display them in all their beauty.

Breathable features

Beauty workwear should never be so constricting that you can’t breathe. There’s a number of fitted options that also let the air in, like the magnetising Madeleine which comes with front and back vents.

For beauty trousers, the Lili features looser fit legs so you can saunter comfortably all day long. Or you could choose a salon tunic like the Justine, which is made from breathe-easy polycotton.

With such a variety of comfortable and stylish beauty uniforms available, you can work both glamorously and at ease. You needn’t worry about the quality of them either, as La Beeby’s beauty workwear is made to last. Contact us today to get comfortably chic.

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