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Winter Wonderland Salon Trends 2019

As the nights draw in, your beauty salon changes. Bright colours and a more energetic look are less necessary. Your customers may want to feel cosier, sinking into warmth and indulging in self-care.

Designs, décor and your work wardrobe can affect the mood of everyone who walks through the door. If you can pair a winter or autumnal feel with fresh treatments, in tune with the season, those people will return time and again.

Take a look at our suggestions for a winter beauty business. These are some of the top trends in the 2019 market, ripe for you or your workforce to take on.

Darken your work uniform

Lighter colours are better for spring and summer. Dark beauty uniforms are perfect for the weaker daylight and lamp glow around your workstation and echo the cosier atmosphere you create.

There are several salon tunics to try. One of them is the Karla Diamante with embossed shoulders, adding some shine to your aesthetic. Another is the Amie wraparound tunic, with a cut that pairs nicely with an otherwise plain black colour. Grey, plum and navy are just some other colour choices you can try with dark salon trousers.

Play with gold and rose gold

The trick to creating a sense of warmth is to imbue it throughout the beauty space. Customers want to feel as if they can stay for hours in your company and escape the weather outside. In this case, rose gold accessories and fixtures come out on top – it’s the perfect middle ground between the cool tone of metal and the implied heat of the pink and copper colour.

Add metallic decorations where you can – over candles, around mantles, across and down the mirrors in your salon. White is a natural match to gold or rose gold, so use it as a palette cleanser from more intricate details.

Buy additional candles

A room filled with candlelight is one of autumn and winter’s greatest pleasures. Embrace it wholeheartedly. Lay out scented candles of varying sizes in key spots near the hair basins, salon chairs and reception area.

The ingredients are worth advertising too. Natural wax makes for a slower burn, and essential oils coalesce in the air, making customers feel more relaxed. You could even search for winter scents like cinnamon, pine, mulled wine and orange peel. Try our De-stress Candle, which combines chamomile, neroli and mandarin for the ultimate calming effect.

Introduce new therapies

The one thing people want more than anything at this time of year is an excuse to treat themselves. Plus, they’ll be eager to get rid of any dry skin caused by the colder weather. So bring a few new treatments into the fold, such as a massage or deep facial session.

Start training now if you don’t have the skills or specialist for the job. By November or December, you’ll have added another string to your beauty bow. Invest in good moisturisers, gels, lotions and towels (the fluffier the better!) for the treatment itself.

Speak to a member of the La Beeby team for work uniform advice or any other tips for your seasonal makeover. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours look their best, whatever the theme or time of year.

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